Island City Studios, LLC is an NYC film and music production company, based on the idea that limitation is an opportunity for greater creativity. We offer idea development, content creation and editing services for film projects, as well as music composition for any and all contexts. If you have an idea or a story to tell, we can turn it into a reality; helping to develop the vision and tone that will give the final product a unique voice.

2016/2017 Video Reel

Elizabeth Hunter

All 4 One

Bronx Visionaries


Queens Museum

Bronx Visionaries


The Band






MARS: a play about mining

Music written for an Eco play produced by Superhero clubhouse. The compositions combine a sci-fi atmosphere with a bluegrass feel.

Empowering Haiti

Written for a short documentary about solar power in Haiti. This music features an uplifting mix of beats that incorporate Haitian folk influences and african voices.

Death Row Democracy

A title track written for the web series Death Row Democracy. It utilizes the industrial like tone of bucket drums and Found Sound Percussion.


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